Mr. Anastase

Charles Anastase is a golden god to me. I really can't stop obsessing over the shoes and clothes I see walking down that runway! I finally accepted I will never own any of these pieces :( everything that comes out just keeps getting better and better UGH!!! Tell me what you think!
My Dream Dungeon Boots

The see through tutu skirts are to die for

I cannot get enough of this dress with these orange wedges
Again the dungeon boots with this fantastic orange number

Another pair I love 

I love love love this outfit. Especially the jacket! Paired with spiked dungeon boots
Everyone needs a frumpy doll dress. 

Studded dungeon boots. 
I WISH I could pull this off. 
 Jeffery Campbell knocked off a couple of the styles along with Jessica Simpson.....I do own them and love them to death BUT I would one day love more than anything to own the real deal. The knock offs just don't come close.
The Jefferey Campbell Dungeon Boot LITA
Get them here at Solestruck 
Jeffery Campbell Foxy
Get them here at Solestruck

My Favorite! Jessica Simpson Dany. Much closer to the original than the Foxy and much cuter :) I have them in Pewter & Black and I live in them!
You can usually find these on Ebay, They are no longer available on her website!! :(


Anonymous said...

i have JC foxy and lita and i wanna the Anastase sooooo bad!!
here in Verona, Italy, people doenst understand this kind of shoes, they think are so ugly and big....pfffff

love your blog:)


TheShoeGirl said...